It’s all about the chemistry for advanced lithography

DisChem provides innovative chemical solutions for advanced lithographic manufacturing. From hologram, optical media, to state of the art microlithography and e-beam manufacturing, DisChem has chemical solutions to increase yield and reduce cost and process waste.

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What Makes Us Different

Resist Adhesion

SurPass is a waterborne agent designed to promote adhesion and improve overall coating quality on a broad range of substrate materials used in photon and electron beam lithography.


E-Beam Lithography Anti-Charging Agents

DisCharge is an anti-charging agent used in electron-beam lithography for preventing charge accumulation on electrically insulated substrates.


Optical Substrate Cleaner

DisClean is a cationic surface active agent designed to remove water stains, oxidation products, organic residues and electrostatic contaminants from optical electroforms and substrates.



E-Form is an electronic grade sulfamate nickel electroforming concentrate designed and manufactured specifically for use in microlithography.


Our products include:

SurPass Cationic Microlithograph Adhesion Promoters / Piming Agents for superior resist adhesion in a non-hazardous waterborne product.
DisCharge anti-charging agents for prevention of charge accumulation on insulated substrates in electron beam lithography
StamperPrep Soak / Electroclean / Electrolytic Passivation Compound for photoresist removal, electroform cleaning, and nickel passivation.
DisClean Optical Substrate Cleaner safety dissolves and removes ionized contaminants such water stains and electrostatically charged particles.
E-Form familiy of electronic grade nickel sulfamate chemistries and additives for optimum high-purity, low-stress electroforming applications. In addition, DisChem provides Analytical Services for the analysis and optimization of nickel sulfamate electroforming solutions.

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