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An Optical and Electronic Approach for Your Chemical Solutions

Our company offers chemical solutions for optic and electronic manufacturing. Hence, this increases output and reduces cost and process waste. We also aim to simplify the manufacture of small parts for our customers. We ensure that all our approaches are pocket friendly to our customers. Listed below are our products:

SurPass Cationic Microlithograph Adhesion Promotion

We ensure the improvement of the overall coating quality of materials used in electron lithography, and this is done by reinforcing the materials with a negative tone electron beam resist. It ascertains the customers of zero alteration of the material used.

Discharge of Anti-Charging Agents

The process is done with the aid of an anti-charging agent, discharge, used in electron lithography. It is done with charge accumulation of electrically insulated semiconductors.

StamperPrep Soak

StamperPrep Soak is a detergent rich cleaning agent used in nickel electroformed in optical and electronic manufacturing industries. Our product is formulated to serve as a multi-functional electronic cleaner.

DisC lean Optical Substrate Cleaner

It is an active agent used to remove water stains, residues, static electric charges, and optoelectronic substrates. The process is done by reinforcing it with a negative tone electron beam resist, which attracts our cationic agent. Our method eases the residue removal process.

New Product

Further, our company has a new product known as the DisChem H-SQ, which we use as a negative tone electron beam resist. For more information regarding DisChem Company products, feel free to visit discheminc.com. We guarantee innovative solutions to your chemical needs.