E-Form Electronic Grade Nickel Sulfamate Electroforming Chemistries

E-Form is an electronic grade sulfamate nickel electroforming concentrate designed and manufactured specifically for use in microlithography. Where requirements exceed the capability of most electroforming chemistries, DisChem’s E-form sulfamate nickel and proprietary additives are specified to meet the low internal stress of deposit and purity requirements of optical disc holographic and electronics mastering.
E-Form’s rigid purity specifications result in increased stamper flatness for improved block error rate in replication. E-form’s uncompromising and unsurpassed quality significantly reduce electroforming related defects, such as nodules and increased grain size, resulting in reduced finishing time and needs.

The strict manufacturing parameters defined for E-Form insures consistent reliable products, every time. Carefully controlled and monitored manufactured reactions provide E-Form with the highest nickel metal concentration commercially available (180 g / L), with only residual amounts of ammonium ion and sulfates. This provides for economy in use and transport, while allowing for an operating life far greater than most available products.

DisChem Analytical Services provides analysis and trouble shooting for the optimization of nickel sulfamate electroforming solutions.

The E-Form product line includes 100% compatible addition agents for process optimization and control.


Optical Disc Stamper

Electronic Interconnect

Optical Reflector