Micro-machining tools are modern marvels. They are very small, but they manage to create such intricately tiny products with perfection. Some of these micro-tools are nickel-plated.

Nickel plating has many benefits for such tiny manufacturing instruments.

Added Strength

Tiny tools wear out faster, as you might imagine. However, nickel plating them makes them a little bit stronger and more resilient under pressure. As such, you can make these little tools last a lot longer than similar tools without the plating.

Resiliency to Rust

If a micro tool is made of steel with a higher iron makeup, that tool is likely to rust. When you nickel plate that same steel/iron ore tool, it resists rusting. In fact, the nickel layer is the perfect barrier against water and other fluids and the oxidation process.

Cheaper Than Chrome, but Just as Attractive

Nickel is just as shiny and just as attractive as chrome. The main difference is cost. Nickel costs less than chrome because nickel is easier to get and the plating process is simpler than chrome application. Chrome also tends to chip faster, but nickel is more durable and stays put.

It Is a Fairly Simple Plating Process

Tiny little tools: you would think that plating them with nickel would be difficult. It really is not. It is easier because not as much nickel is needed. It is almost as simple as dipping them in liquid nickel. If you would like all your micro-machining tools plated with nickel, contact DisChem Inc via https://discheminc.com/.