The process of manufacturing metal can be done on both large and small scales. Metal manufacturers that produce home appliances or automobiles typically rely upon large scale productions. However, a different type of fabrication is used by those producers specializing in smaller products, such as conductors or automobile parts.

What is Micro Fabrication?

Micro fabrication focuses on altering a structure through the use of micrometer scales. The objects that use this type of fabrication may have sizes that are pressured in microns or nanometers, instead of meters, yards, or feet.

What Types of Fields Use This Process?

This fabrication process was originally used to process circuits and later grew to include semiconductors. Today, the widespread use of computers allows many fields to need a micro version of fabrication. These include biology, medical sciences, solar energy, fuel, and television production.

What Types of Tools Are Used?

Fabrication of smaller objects requires multiple technologies in order to work. This means that multiple tools must be used during the fabrication process in order to achieve success. The exact process may depend upon exactly what type of end product is being designed, but the process typically begins by creating a thin film. The film is not merely for decoration. Depending on the type of product being made, the film may serve as a conductor or insulator. Other films have a chemical purpose.

A pattern is then placed upon the film. The next step in the process typically involves etching away the excess portions of the thin film.
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