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Optical Substrate Cleaner | Optical Lithography & Electrocleaner

Optical Substrate Cleaners

DisClean: Optical Substrate Cleaner - DisChem Inc


Optical Substrate Cleaner

DisClean is a cationic surface active agent designed to remove water stains, oxidation products, organic residues and electrostatic contaminants from optical electroforms and substrates. In addition, DisClean lowers the surface charge on nickel electroforms for reduced sticking in injection molding applications.


Optical Electroform Soak / Electrocleaner / Electro-Passivation Compound

StamperPrep is a high alkalinity, low foaming, detergent rich cleaning agent for nickel electroforms used in optical media, holographic, and related optoelectronic manufacturing. StamperPrep is formulated to serve as a multifunctional soak / electrocleaner, eliminating the need to inventory additional cleaning
chemicals and hazardous solvents used for photoresist removal, passivation, and electroform cleaning.

StamperPrep provides high detergency and conductivity for electrolytic removal of photoresist, organic processing residuals, and for electrolytic stamper passivation. Unlike traditional trisodium phosphate
baths, StamperPrep does not decompose with electrolysis.