Resist Materials


Negative Tone EBL Resist

A new product made using our micro manufacturing techniques. Derived from dry silica resin, our H-SIQ is a negative tone hydrogen silesquioxane resist. We use a micro fabrication process to create this product. It is especially suited to application in electron beam lithography. This is largely due to it having great etch resistance and sensitivity, in addition to being manufactured with our micro/nano fabrication process.

Microlithography Adhesion Promoter

SurPass is another product, whose properties allow it to adhere well to a variety of different materials. These include various metals and ceramics, glass, silicon nitride, plastics, and metal oxides.

A water-based adhesion promoter, SurPass has a range of qualities that eliminate the need for a number of different elements of lithographic processing. For example, it can be used to replace pre-wetting solvents. Additionally, substrate dehydration bake is not required prior to resist coating when using SurPass.

Research and trials with SurPass have shown that it is compatible with many different positive and negative polymer and resist formulations used as part of adhesion lithography. Some of these include electron beam amplified resists, chemically amplified resists, polyimide, epoxy-based polymer, and poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA).

There are two forms of SurPass available, both of which are non-hazardous, in addition to being waterborne. SurPass 3000 is slightly acidic (3.0-3.5) and is made with a cleaning package to ensure better performance. SurPass 4000 is mildly alkaline and is produced without additives. Neither version of SurPass contains any volatile organic compounds (VOC), and both versions are manufactured in such a way that breakdown products and ammonia do not form during application of the products.

H-SiQ Application Sheet

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