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Negative Tone hydrogen silesquioxane EBL Resist

DisChem H-SiQ is a negative tone hydrogen silesquioxane resist derived from dry silica resin (H-SiOx) in semiconductor grade MIBK carrier solvent for use in electron beam lithography (EBL). H-SiQ is characterized by excellent pitch resolution, sensitivity and etch resistance for direct write thin film EBL applications.

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H-SiQ Application Sheet

Negative Tone EBL Resist - DisChem Inc


Hard Mask in a Bottle

nEBL3 Negative-Tone Electron Beam Resist

nEBL3 is an advanced negative tone organo-metalic resist with extremely high etch resistance and low line edge roughness that allows for EBL direct write of a chromium hard mask in a single step. nEBL3 is ideal for next generation EUV photomasks. Manufactured as a dry resin resist by SCI-TRON (Manchester, UK), nEBL3 is blended in carrier solvent for exclusive distribution in North America by DisChem, Inc.

nEBL3-TBME Application Sheet

nEBL3-Hexane Application Sheet

For additional technical information and white papers, please visit SCI-TRON Advanced Resist Materials

Negative Tone EBL Resist - DisChem Inc