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Negative Tone hydrogen silesquioxane EBL Resist

DisChem H-SiQ is a negative tone hydrogen silesquioxane resist derived from dry silica resin (H-SiOx) in semiconductor grade MIBK carrier solvent for use in electron beam lithography (EBL). H-SiQ is characterized by excellent pitch resolution, sensitivity and etch resistance for direct write thin film EBL applications.

Immediate availability: lead time less than one week with 100% shelf life!

H-SiQ Product Bulletin

H-SiQ Application Sheet

Negative Tone EBL Resist - DisChem Inc


Hard Mask in a Bottle

nEBL3 Negative-Tone Electron Beam Resist

nEBL3 is an advanced negative tone organo-metalic resist with extremely high etch resistance and low line edge roughness that allows for EBL direct write of a chromium hard mask in a single step. nEBL3 is ideal for next generation EUV photomasks. Manufactured as a dry resin resist by SCI-TRON (Manchester, UK), nEBL3 is blended in carrier solvent for exclusive distribution in North America by DisChem, Inc.

nEBL3 Resist Application Sheet

For additional technical information and white papers, please visit SCI-TRON Advanced Resist Materials

Negative Tone EBL Resist - DisChem Inc