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Photolithography and Electron Beam Lithography | Photolithography Positive Negative Resist - DisChem


The Highest Quality Photoresist Chemicals for Micro- and Nano-Scale Applications

Exceptional control is required in the creation of micro and nano parts and accessories. When it comes to photoresist developer solution, only the highest quality chemicals will do. DisChem provides access to the most outstanding range of positive and negative photoresist products that enhance control across a range of substrates. Our photoresist developer solution provides enhanced control of feed and bleed for exceptional results no matter the application for photolithography systems. Learn more about our products below.

The Smart Choice for Negative and Positive Photoresist

At DisChem, we believe that your results depend upon quality. All of our positive and negative photoresist chemistry products are designed for ease of use and consistent results every time. Our H-SiQ negative tone electron beam lithography (EBL) resist offers excellent sensitivity, pitch resolution and etch resistance for micro and nano fabrication and production. H-SiQ is a drop in replacement for traditional hydrogen silesquioxane (HSQ) resist. SurPass resist adhesion products enhance adhesion across a range of substrates. We also provide a range of accessory agents such as DisCharge for charge prevention, as well as optical cleaners for the elimination of water stains and other residues. We also offer StamperPrep for exceptional photoresist removal without the headaches.

Find Out More About Our Photoresist Today

DisChem is the leader in developing products for advanced lithography applications. Our photoresist chemicals are designed to ease the process of fabrication on the micro and nano scales. To learn more about our range of lithography chemicals and products, or to purchase, contact our team at (814) 772-6603 today.